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Family Dental Guide is your one stop online resource for all of your dental care needs.  We are a rapidly growing online consumer dental community:

Dental Consumer Education – Learn the basics about dental hygiene, dental specialties, dental insurance, dental plans, and how to select the right dentist for you or your family.

Local Dentist Directory – Find a local dentist or dental specialist.  We continue to grow this resource, and much in part to the suggestions of other community members who recommend their dentists to us.

Affordable Dental Plans – Learn how to save money on your dental care whether you have insurance or not through a discount dental plan.

Our directory focuses on educating and empowering consumers to make the best dental care decisions for their families. We highlight local dentists all across the United States with a variety of dental specialties including general dentists, pediatric dentists, sleep dentists, mercury free dentists, and biological / holistic dentists.