Brushing Your Teeth Twice Per Day is Not Enough

Brushing your teeth twice per day is a great habit, however brushing your teeth along will not keep you from developing plaque or other disorders of the mouth. Good dental hygiene including flossing at least once daily – and preferably at night – which will help to remove food particles and plaque from your teeth. The reason it is best to do this at night is so that your teeth do not have a build up of bacteria through the night as the food particles lay dormant between your teeth.

How important is flossing?
I will start out by sharing a discussion I recently had with my father. He told me that his dentist told him that if he flossed every day, he would not have a problems with his teeth.  Of course, this was no guarantee, but my father took him seriously and at the age of 65 still have all of his original teeth and has never had a root canal (he has had a few small cavities filled however). I, on the other hand, have not always been an advocate of dental health, nor have I flossed consistently all of my life.  The outcome for me?  Several cavities and 3 root canals with crowns at a cost of over $4,000.

Why Flossing is Important
Flossing is the only way to remove plaque from your teeth because a toothbrush simply cannot get in between your teeth sufficiently enough to remove the plaque.  Plaque build up can cause tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, periodontal disease, and other dental disorders.  Plaque has also been connected to heart attacks and strokes with the theory that it can get into the blood steam from the mouth, which is why those with heart murmurs are often required to have antibiotics prior to having their teeth cleaned at the dentists office.

How Does One Floss Effectively?
First, make a commitment to do it every night knowing that you are doing what is best for your teeth, your overall health, and your wallet.  Second, you can watch the video below which was created by a dental school that shows you specifically how do floss.  You can use standard floss – the kind that you wind around your fingers, or you can use the flosser devices that aid in flossing.

December 7, 2009
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