Dental Health
  • Dental Care Principles Apply to Everyone at Every Age

    November 17, 2015

    Dental care and dental health should be important for everyone at every age. We should never stop caring for our teeth regardless of our age. For the very young, it is so important to bring your child to the dentist as soon as they have visible teeth. We want to ensure the child has no […]

  • What is Holistic Dental Care?

    May 13, 2015

    Holistic dental care is the philosophy and approach to dentistry that promotes oral health and wellness instead of just the treatment of oral disease. A holistic dental practice can become the first line of defense for preventative medicine. This is because a holistic dental practice sees the patient before they are obviously ill, periodontal diagnosis […]

  • How Flossing Improves Quality of Life

    April 22, 2015

    We all hear that we should floss on a regular basis. But for most of us, it feels like the cost-benefit analysis is a bit off. The cost is “a couple of minutes of my time every day,” and the benefit seems to be “some distant risk of dental problems gets a little further away.” […]

  • How to Improve Your Children’s Dental Health after Halloween

    November 4, 2014

    Halloween is a day children look forward to almost as much as Christmas. But for parents, the challenge of keeping their kids healthy in the aftermath of a holiday in which they collect (on average) over 100 pieces of candy can be challenging to say the least. On the surface, Halloween is a health-conscious parent’s […]