Dentists Still Use Mercury Fillings?

I was speaking with a dental hygienist recently and I was shocked to find out that some dentists are still putting mercury in people;s mouths.  She is well educated and understands the potential  toxicity that can come from mercury fillings.  While she is an employee and not in a position to change the opinions of some dentists (she is a contractor and works for several dentists), she said if someone were to ask here directly her opinion, she would have to be true to what she believes and let them know that she wold personally never put any mercury in her mouth.

Don’t take my opinion however, check out this video from the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology which discussed how mercury negatively impacts the body.

Next time you are having a tooth filled, make sure you confirm that your dentist does not use mercury or composites which contain metals. If they insist on using substances that are detrimental to your health, insist on a new dentist; ideally a holistic dentist.

May 6, 2010

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