Free Dental Care Resources – Part 3 (Dental Schools)

Dental schools routinely offer low cost or free dental care services to the public. The downside is that if you are getting treatment from a dental student it takes a lot longer than if you are going to a professional dentist. The main reason is that the student has to be supervised and the instructor may be taking time to help direct the student dentist and provide additional insight. Just yesterday, I had a friend who said his brother got “a lot of dental work done for just $250” but said it took all day. In the end, he was still very happy because he saved quite a bit of money.

If you live near a dental school, this might be a great option to look into. Dental schools that are involved in clinical trials are ideal as you will be more likely to receive free dental services. Either way, just contact the school and ask whether or not they offer free dental services to the public. If not, ask if they offer discounted dental services, and most of all, ask very specific questions about costs of:

– initial consultation
– check up
– cleanings
– xrays
– the procedure
– sedation (if necessary)

This way there wil be fewer surprises once you arrive.

Here is a list of dental schools located on the American Dental Association website.

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September 2, 2009

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