Did you know that you can actually get free dental care? Well, itís true and we are going to share with you several ways that you can access free (or deeply discounted) dental care. Generally, these program fall into four categories:

  1. Clinical Trials.  These are often done by researchers at schools and governmental agencies (such as National Institutes of Health Ė NIH).  You can learn more about clinical dental trials at:

  2. Free Dental Clinics.  Each year dental providers conduct free dental clinics all across the US where they offer dental care to those who cannot afford it. You can learn more about free dental clinics at:

  3. Dental Schools.  Do you know how dentists learn their skills? Thatís right, they have to perform procedures on real people. Many dental schools offer program where the general public can receive free or discounted dental care since they need patients to perform these procedures on.  They are supervised by dental instructors, so itís generally safe.  You can learn more about getting dental care through a dental school at:

  4. Government Programs.  Aside from clinical trials there are several government organizations that can assist those in need of dental care. Here are a few:


Saving America Money, One Smile at a Time at

My plan has paid for itself many times over in just ten months. I saved over $1,000 on cleanings, fillings and wisdom tooth extraction.

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