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Our staff brings the highest level of attention and care to the Gilbert community. At Cooper Family And Cosmetic Dentistry we love serving you by explaining all your options and providing friendly, personalized care for every member of your family.


We'll help you create a beautiful, healthy smile with our experienced staff and the latest in dental technology,

Dr. Edward L Marra has 25 years of experience in dental care. After earning his degree from Temple University and practicing in Batavia, NY, Dr. Marra fell in love with Arizona and relocated to Gilbert.When not helping you and your smile, he enjoys being outdoors in the sunshine with his own family.

It's our goal to provide the best dental service in Gilbert. Our experienced and friendly staff are dedicated to helping you understand and achieve high-quality dental services. In addition, we use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver great results in a safe, positive environment.

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